DirtCraft IS BACK, though somewhat simpler?

All kinds of Minecraft greifing servers

Free For All
Greif, Pvp Servers Only
(FeedTheBeast Infinity (v1.2.1) Minecraft Version 1.7.10)

 How to get (Please specify for which server)
Default rank.
Make a post on any minecraft forum. Must include 1 picture, or 300 words. Send the link to dirtcraftserver@hotmail.com, which server you get advertiser on depends on which server you advertise.
 Donate 5€ under the donate section.
Build something extraordinary in creative. Look at our pictures to see what you at least need to make. The Seankun gallery
Must know java scripting and must know about servers, must be able to come up with efficient good solutions within 24 hours. Have to be able to patch factions to Tekkit.
 Donate between 8€ and 15€ under the donate section.
 Donate between 16€ and 20under the donate section.
 Donate between 21€ and 40€ under the donate section

Rich way: Donate 50€ or above.
Normal way: Make a formal application (min 200 word) and sent it to dirtcraftserver@hotmail.com
Alternative way: Get an admin to trial you as their protégé.
Please make these according to which server you're on e.g. Tekkit or Vanilla

Rich way: Donate 100€ or above
Normal way: Earn it. (Approx 0.5 years mod or more without any complaints or incidents, and with at least 10 votes from default players)
Rich way: Donate 500€
Normal way: Earn it (approx 1.5 years admin or more also without any major incidents, only the Owner or the HeadAdmin can decide)

Rich way: Donate 1000€
Normal way: Earn it (approx 3 years or more. The most trustworthy person on the server, specifically pointed out by the Owner)

 Not available

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